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Jymka License Opportunit

Enjoy running a Jymka kids fitness business with high potential earnings!!
There are 3 Jymka course options. Course option 1 includes the certified instructor course only, while it does not include any Jymka license. On the other hand course options 2 and 3 include a number of courses PLUS a Jymka License with each having a different license type to choose from:

Jymka instructor license

Jymka club license

Benefits Of Becoming A Jymka Licensee:

  • Use of the Jymka name and logo as your business name
  • Jymka class plan templates for the different age groups
  • Jymka marketing templates, brochure, enrolment forms, flyers etc.
  • Customised jymka Facebook page for your business
  • Free listing on our Jymka website

Jymka instructor license - Course Option 2

Start a new fitness instructor business

Deliver Kids fitness classes in local schools and preschools, using a set of sports props equipment you bring to each class

Rewarding active and fun career


All classes are delivered by you, with the option of up to 2 staff, all certified Jymka kids-active-fun instructors

Choose the hours you work and what you earn, run classes in schools and pre-schools  as the PE class or as an extra curricular activity.

Kids benefit by
having a qualified instructor teaching them the essential fitness skills.

Schools can decide to have Jymka fitness class terms paid for by each child’s parent directly to you or to pay you an hourly rate.

Choose a rewarding and active career

Train to run a kids fitness business teaching kids sport & fitness skills as a certified instructor and Jymka licensee while encouraging children to enjoy staying active for health. You will travel to local schools and preschools to deliver the Jymka class progrmmes as the PE class during the school day or as an extra curricular activity. Your will be your own boss able to choose the hours you work with great earning potential. Plus you can make additional income by training to run Jymka kids camps and parties.

Jymka After-school Club license - Course Option 3

When parents entrust their child in the care of your Jymka Club they do so in the knowledge that he or she will be safe and will benefit from learning the essential fitness skills and other educational life skills.

Afterschool business – Enjoy a rewarding and enjoyable business

Jymka Kids Clubs provide a welcoming and safe after-school childcare facility specialising in the Jymka fitness curriculum plus other educational activities for kids from 4 to 12 years.

Jymka after-school environment and work practices are structured on the international framework and curriculums for early childhood care and education.

Additional activities include:
homework help & supervision Snacks & drinks provided Additional activities can be provided in your club as you choose e.g. Arts & Crafts, Board games, movie time etc.

Children will be made feel included and inspired to participate, have fun and make friends.

Additional revenue can be earned by providing Jymka camps and parties

Kids are collected from school by your staff and brought to the clyb so parents only need to collect their child at the end of the day from the club.

Certified Jymka kids-active-fun instructors teach the Jymka fitness class curriculum each day which teach the essential fitness and sports skills and helps build each child’s confidence and self esteem.​

Change your career and open a Jymka Afterschool Club

Jymka clubs provide a welcoming and safe after-school childcare facility specialising in fitness. Our ethos is to encourage each child to develop and master the essential fitness skills required to lead an active healthy life plus other educational and early life skills. Activities include Jymka age appropriate sports & fitness classes, homework help and supervision, movie time, brain gym activities (board games and puzzles), arts & crafts etc. Additional activities can also be added if you the licensee choses to hire someone who can provide that activity e.g. teach a language or kids yoga etc.

All activities are delivered in a secure, creative and stimulating environment, usually in a hired room or hall in or near to a school or preschool where your certified staff will encourage interaction and self expression. Kids are collected from their school and brought to the Jymka club where they will be given snacks and drinks and totally looked after by your staff.

A Jymka club License offers you excellent earning potential providing a necessary service in the community in addition to being a rewarding and enjoyable career and business!

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