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Enjoy running your own low cost Jymka kids fitness business with high potential earnings

1. Jymka Instructor license

Run your own Jymka kids fitness business as a trained and certified fitness instructor. All classes are delivered by you. Great potential earnings which vary depending on where you live, what you choose to charge and hours your work etc. Instructor are usually ‘mobile’ i.e. travel to schools, preschools and other venues (gyms, sports halls etc.) with a set of fitness equipment in a sports-wheelie-bag to deliver their Jymka Kids fitness classes.

Assuming the following:

  • You can offer 3x class terms over the academic year with 11wks in each term a total of 33 classes over the academic year. Class terms are usually paid for by the parents of each child although some schools may wish to pay you an hourly rate directly per class instead.
  • You can deliver up to 5 classes each day.for the number of days you choose.
  • Jymka Instructor licensees charge per term at an approx rate from €3 to €8 per class depending on location, number of kids in the class and if there is hall hire etc.
  • Most schools and pre-schools will not charge room-hire to Jymka instructor Licensees for classes delivered during the day. However most public venues will have a cost to hire them by the hour if you decide to hire a hall or room to run your classes in. Any hall hire cost will need to be considered.
  • Classes are generally run during the school day although you can offer classes after school too.
  • Depending on your class ratios you can hire a helper to assist you depending on class ratios deliver the classes, all training covered in the our ‘Hire & Train a Helper Course.

Additional revenue can be generated from:

  • Jymka Kids Camps offered during the summer months
  • Jymka Kids birthday parties

Benefits & Notes:

  • A great opportunity to enjoy a fun and active career teaching kids fitness locally and bing able to choose your own hours
  • Jymka Instructor licensees receive a refresher certified instructor course every 3 years, free of charge, as part of your license.

2. Jymka Club License

Jymka Kids Clubs are a great business and service in or near to schools or as an additional business to an existing pre-school or sports cub with excellent potential earnings. However this will vary depending on the clubs location, prices charged and number of children attending.

Jymka Clubs provides a professional after-school child minding service for 4 to 12 years olds in addition to the Jymka Fitness classes. Parents can be confident that their children are safe and happy while learning the essential sports & fitness skills. Services and activities include:

  • Collection service – kids are collected from their school and brought safely to the Jymka clubYou can deliver up to 5 classes each day.for the number of days you choose.
  • Jymka age appropriate fitness classes are delivered by Certified fitness instructors as endorsed by ActiveIQ which teach kids age related sports and fitness skills through fun.
  • homework supervision,  board games, arts & crafts, improvisation & drama, movie time, story time plus supervised free play
  • Snacks and drinks (water & Juices) and some clubs may also offer meals each day as part of the service while others request parents to provide their child with a packed lunch.

Assuming the following Jymka club licensees can deduce a high income:

  • You will hire and manage your own staff. As part of the Jymka Club License and course option we provide you with 3x online certified instructor courses. this is to train you or your manager plus 2 hired staff to be certified instructors to be able to deliver the Jymka fitness classes.
  • Each of these certified instructor staff will deliver the Jymka classes. either on their own if numbers are low or with a helper.
  •  You will hire helpers and other childcare staff as required to provide the other activities in your club.
  •  Club venues must be safe to facilitate kids fitness activities and the number of kids attending.
  •  Jymka Après Clubs are open over 10 months during the academic year.  children must commit to the full 10 month term and club places are limited.
  •  Children can attend of 2, 3 or 5 days per week with fees paid monthly in advance.

Additional revenue can be generated from:

  • Jymka Kids Camps offered during the summer months.
  • Jymka Kids birthday parties offered in the early evening after the Jymka Apres club ends and or at the weekend.

Benefits & Notes:

  •  Suitable Jymka club venues vary to include: a large hall divided into sections, number of rooms in a school or preschool, sports club, scouts den or hotel gem etc. Some licensees may own a premises that they can use.
  • We provide licensees with their staffs instructor Certificates so that their staff cannot use this qualification elsewhere.
  • Staff Instructors must complete the Jymka Instructor refresher course to be re-certified each year free of charge.

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