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Jymka fitness programmes include

Babyseals 3 to 5 years: Pre-schooll classes

Motor development has a powerful effect on social relationships, thought and language. Young pre-school kids must be motivated to use their motor skills with stimulus to develop balance, co-ordination and to learn fine motor movements. Classes give kids an introduction and first steps towards an active lifestyle! Your child will love to join in on all the fun class activities where they are introduced to climbing and basic tumbling skills.
Class activities to include: stretching exercises, action songs, hand-eye co-ordination activities, agility and ball skill games in addition to gymnastic and tumbling skills. Not only will the class activities help to develop strength and motor skills but they also stimulate different areas of the brain, which influence and improve the ability of the child to learn. As each child progresses to learn new skills their self-esteem soars.

…”Delighted we found Jymka and I definitely recommend it to others. The instructor is very energetic, infectious and inclusive with all of the children in the class while the fitness activities are educational, varied and most importantly fun!  Jenny Fitzpatrick, IRELAND


Penguins 5 to 7 years: Primary school physical education & after-school classes

More advanced movement skills like running, kicking and throwing will need to be learned and mastered. Hand eye co-ordination are developed along with reactions and ‘cause and effect’ function. These are the basic movement skills which young children need to learn & master before they progress to more vigorous movement and sports skills. Agility and motor skill games using balls and bean-bags are included in the classes, which are enjoyed by the kids as they develop reaction functions. We disguise the leaning of fitness skills via play and encourage the kids to love being active as they develop their motor skills and co-ordination. Class activities include tumbling & gymnastic skills, animal-walks, agility-circuits, ball games, movement to music and fun-active-games. Cognitive and language enrichment is also encouraged plus kids have fun, get social and interact with others.

…”A unique way to teach fitness to kids in a fun way…. using many pieces of sports equipments kids love. Great concept a must join!!!!” Mason Henderson. US

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Bears 8 to 10 years: Primary school physical education & after-school classes

The kids will have started to master the relationship between motor function and cognition. Each movement becomes more accurate and powerful and the children master running, jumping, climbing, throwing, bouncing and kicking skills. Progressive class activities include more difficult gymnastics & tumbling skills, sports skills and games, which develop agility, flexibility, strength and endurance. Class activities build self-esteem and confidence, improve posture, concentration and attention span. Class activities offer an all round educational and progressive class system..

….”Gaurav is 8 years old and just loves Jymka. His confidence has really grown and he has made lots of friends at the class. I recommend Jymka” Pavani Shah, India

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Wolves 10 to 13 years: Primary school physical education & after-school classes

Although there are individual differences in pre-teens in the execution of motor skills and in their ability to master complex motor tasks, they will recruit muscle groups in a more efficient manner. They are better able to throw, development of these skills through team activities while keeping the focus on fun and sportsmanship. We use complex circuits to teach all essential skills for progressing in any sport. Team-games encourage co-operation and an understanding of a fair-play ethos leading to the enhancement of social skills.

….”My daughter has just turned 13 and was very reluctant about doing any exercise at all until she started the Jymka classes. She has fun and enjoys doing the team relays and sports games and seems more relaxed about staying active now..” Izma, US


Parent & Child Class - BabySeal & Penguin 2½ to 4 yrs

Delivered in a public venue were younger kids have super fun in a multi activity fitness class. A parent or minder must accompany each child to watch and participate in one or two of the activities. Each child feels secure and welcomed so they can enjoy participating fully in all the fun class activities as they start learning their essential fitness skills.

“Energetic fun sports and fitness classes. Physical fitness revived… superb learning experience for kids… Jymka rocks… Just Loving It….!!”Anjali Barsar. INDIA

Parties 3½ to 12 yrs

Let us help make your child’s birthday party one to remember with fun games and energetic activities for their special day! Party activities are customised – they are age appropriate and can be themed (e.g. Super Heroes, Princess, Army, dance etc.). Our Jymka parties have proven to be extremely popular, the younger kids love to have their parents watch or join in the fun while kids aged 5 or 6 years prefer to do-it-alone enjoying endless fun games while their parents sit and watch!. Parents of the older kids from ages 8 years on usually collect their child after the party.
Numbers: Although the average number of children attending our parties is 20 we can entertain up to a maximum of 35 at a party. The full duration of our parties is 2 hours while the active fun party entertainment and games last for 1 hour 20 minutes
What about party food? The party food can be organised by the parent. The birthday cake is also provided by the parents, while water or juice is provided by the Jymka Club.

…”Great to see young kids addicted to fitness!  Making fitness a fun routine… kids in kids camps making bonds with each other n growing physically n mentally together!!” Harneet Sidana. INDIA

Camps 3 to 12 yrs

Keep your kids entertained during the school holidays by enrolling in our super fun Jymka Camp. Packed with cool age appropriate fitness activities, obstacle courses, multi-sport fun, board games & puzzles and Arts & crafts! Throughout the week your child will get the utmost attention and encouragement from our instructors, and are sure to make some new friends along the way. Camp prices vary depending on the number of days and the location of the camp.

…”I absolutely recommend bringing Jymka classes into your school. I’m convinced that the class programs have a magnetic pull that is too strong for kids to resist – they all love it! Kids including my own are definitely progressing in their fitness skills”. Mr Mitchell, School Principal. IRELAND​​​​

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