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FAQs Instructor Course & License Options

We offer 2 main course options to individuals which are sequential i.e. you must do the first course before you do the second. Plus once both courses are completed we offer optional add-on courses.

Jymka Course Options OR Steps are:

  • Step 1:: Become a Jymka Certified Instructor and do the ‘Jymka KidsActiveFun Instructor Course’
  • Step 2:  Become a Jymka License and do the ‘Run a Jymka Kids Fitness Business & License Course’ (Only available after you do Step 1)
  • Steps 1 & 2: Course Bundle Offer: Become a Jymka Certified instructor + Jymka Licensee and do both courses

In addition after you do steps 1 & 2 and you have become a Jymka licensee we offer optional Add-on courses to include: Jymka Class Programmes Course – Jymka Marketing Templates Course – Jymka Kids Camps Course – Jymka Kids Parties Course – Coming soon Jymka After-school Club Course.

To become a certified kids fitness Instructor you simply book on to our online Steps 1 Certified Jymka KidsActiveFun Instructor Course.

When you have completed this Jymka KidsActiveFun online course you will be invited to do an Assessment Evaluation call with one of our Trainer Evaluators. They will ask you questions on each module of the course. In addition you will be required to record yourself teaching one or more kids some of the fitness exercises.

This evaluation ensures that participants are competent and have the knowledge after completing the course to teach kids fitness PLUS it provides an opportunity for us to give you tips and advise on teaching fitness skills to kids. On  successful evaluation you are awarded our Jymka KidsActiveFun Instructor Certificate which has a professional recognition and is endorsed with ActiveIQ, a leading awarding body for the fitness sector.

Once you certify as a Jymka KidsActiveFun Instructor then you are qualified to teach kids fitness classes straight away. There is no additional or prerequisite qualification in fitness, childcare or sport required.  Although we do advise you to have a basic first aid certificate and you must be over 18 years of age with the enthusiasm and energy to get a job teaching kids fitness classes in a school or gym full time or part time.

This course suits existing primary school teachers, pre-school workers, yoga teachers, fitness instructors or indeed anyone who has an interest or background in fitness or sports who would enjoy working with kids teaching them fitness.

Yes all  our training courses are 100% online and yes our team of Jymka Trainer-Evaluators provide on-going training support via email to all course participants whilst training.

Please bear in mind that are team work in our Dublin office and time zone so there may be a time difference depending on where you live. However we will endeavour to respond to queries in a timely fashion. Rest assured, all our courses are very comprehensive and easy to follow with sequential training module presentations, training-notes, training tutorial videos and resource links.

The duration of doing the Jymka KidsActiveFun online Instructor course is approx 40 hours and is usually completed in 4-12 weeks, plus the time required at the end of the course to complete your assessment and evaluation. However some students mange to do this in a shorter time while others take longer having up to 10 months to complete the course.

Yes Jymka is an endorsed Training Provider with Active IQ with a Professional Recognition for our Jymka KidsActiveFun instructor course. Active IQ are a leading accreditation body for the fitness sector in the Uk and Europe with global validity  Other countries globally recognise EU standards in fitness for accreditation purposes along with their own or instead of if they have no children’s fitness accreditation system to date.

Jymka are also fitness training provider members of Europe Active, formerly the European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA).

In addition we have been underwritten by the Aviva insurance group via Fitpro who recognise our Jymka KidsActiveFun Certificate for instructor public liability insurance with no other qualification required. We have other insurance providers who provide public liability insurance to our certified instructors globally and can advise you on this for your country.

No, the Jymka brand name, trademark and logo can only be used if you become a Jymka Licensee by completing Steps 1 & 2 Courses. Only Jymka licensees are permitted to use the Jymka brand name and logo for their business which can be renewed annually by them on successful completion of doing the Jymka refresher Instructor Course and license.

The KidsActiveFun (kids active fun) name, trademark and logo is owned by Jymka and is used to describe the Jymka KidsActiveFun instructor course and certificate and is not permitted to be used for a kids business whatsoever

The Earning potential of running your own Jymka kids fitness business is really good. This is a profitable service business while also a low cost business. Jymka licensees either on their own or with up to 2 hired staff can deliver fitness classes in a variety of venues local to them e.g. schools, preschools, gyms etc. They will bring a set of fitness & sports equipment with them in a sports-wheelie-bag to deliver their Jymka Kids fitness classes.

Taking these points below, If you do the math, then depending on what you charge per child per class term and the number of kids in each class can determine your high earnings. Plus you can make additional money in the summer months:

  • Licensees can offer 3 class terms over the academic year with 11wks in each term – a total of 33 classes for that time slot or class over the academic year 
  • You can offer age specific classes from 3 to 12 years
  • Class terms are usually paid for by the parents of each child although some schools may wish to pay you an hourly rate directly per class instead
  • 2 instructors working as a team can deliver up to 5 x 50min classes each day with up to approx 30 kids in each class 
  • For holiday time revenue many preschools will want classes during the summer months and or you can deliver Kids Camps in the summertime (Add-on Course)
  • Extra money can also be made be offering Kids Parties or an After-school cub (Add-on courses)

Our comprehensive training system provides you will all the necessary know-how and content to run your own successful business.Our team of Trainer-Evaluators will give you full assistance and support via email when you are training. There is no monthly license fee or ongoing support included in the Jymka license. However if you require support after you have trained for your Jymka business our support team can provide one-to one advice directly for an hourly fee

Yes you will need to purchase some equipment and props to use to deliver your classes. Aa part of the training Jymka KidsActiveFun instructors get a suggested list of equipment to purchase while Jymka licenses get an additional more detailed list.

  • As a Jymka Licensees you can start or run your business delivering all the classes alone or you can choose to hire and train up to 2 staff as Jymka KidsActiveFun instructors to deliver the classes with you or for you. 
  • There are no territories given to any licensee and class venues are secured on a first come first served basis
  • We provide you with a Jymka facebook page to promote your business
  • You are listed free of charge on t
  • There is no monthly license fees applicable
  • Each year your Jymka license can be renewed by successfully completing the Jymka license instructor renewal course
  • All your hired staff instructors must complete an annual refresher instructor course before their Jymka KidsActiveFun instructor certificate expires.
  • All Add-on courses and content are exclusively available to Jymka licensees and cannot be shared with any other person or business to use

Yes, we offer unit and multi-unit Jymka licenses directly to schools, gyms and pre-schools – Kindly contact us to enquire