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Jymka is an award winning training provider of online kids fitness instructor training courses.
Established in 2002 Jymka developed kids fitness programmes to teach gymnastic, sport and fitness skills plus agility games to educate children on age appropriate essential fitness fundamentals while building their confidence.
This evolved into an IFA award winning franchise system where we trained individual franchisees to run their own profitable mobile kids fitness businesses teaching kids fitness classes, camps and parties in schools, pre-schools and gyms.
Due to the success of our franchise system and our desire to expand globally we have since created this endorsed and accredited Jymka online training system so you can become a Jymka certified kids fitness instructor to work or run your own business teaching kids fitness.
There are 2 training course options to choose from:
This certified online course specialises in training individuals to deliver kids fitness classes to educate and teach 3 to 12 year old kids the fundamental fitness skills. It is a standalone course for individuals who have no pre-requisite relevant qualification. In addition it is an International CPD course with 40 CPD points awarded to qualified primary elementary teachers, fitness instructors and childcare workers. 
On successful completion of the course you become a certified Jymka kids fitness instructor qualified to teach kids ages 3 to 12 years fitness classes in schools, pre-schools and gyms globally.
The course bundle includes the Jymka Kids Fitness Instructor Course, which certifies you as a Jymka Instructor PLUS it provides you with all the training, know how and tools required to run your own Jymka kids fitness class, camp and party business. It includes:
  • Jymka Certified Kids Fitness Instructor Course
  • Jymka Run a Jymka Kids Fitness Business Course
  • Jymka Kids Camps Course
  • Jymka Kids Parties Course
  • Jymka Class Programmes (Baby Seals 3 to 5 yrs,  Penguin 5 to 7 yrs, Bears 8 to 10 yrs , Wolves 10 to 12 yrs) + the Jymka Song in additional to Dance Routine Training videos used to to teach younger kids ages 3 to 5 years.
  • Jymka™ Marketing Templates
Yes, the main Jymka Kids Instructor Course is endorsed with a professional recognition with ActiveIQ, a leading accreditation body for the global fitness sector. Plus:
  • it is accredited by the CPD International Standards Office with 40 CPD points awarded for qualified teachers, fitness instructors and childcare workers.
  • the good news is that this course is available to those with no prerequisite qualification too who want a standalone Kids fitness instructor Certificate. 
  • plus the Jymka Run a Kids Fitness Business, Kids Camps & Parties Courses are all part of the Jymka IFA Award winning training system
No you don't need a prerequisite qualification.
Firstly you must be over 18 years of age with the enthusiasm and energy to teach kids fitness classes, however there is no other prerequisite qualification or experience working with children required to do this course and become certified.
However the course is also an Internationally endorsed CPD course for primary elementary teachers, fitness instructors and childcare workers as they get an international CPD certificate with 40 points.
The Jymka Kids Fitness instructor course suits and is popular with:
  • Primary elementary teachers, fitness instructors and childcare workers as they get an international CPD Standards certificate with 40 CPD points
  • Individuals who want to work abroad with an International professionally recognised Certificate as a Kids Fitness instructor
  • Yoga, dance and martial arts teachers in addition to other sports coaches to enhance their teaching skills and use in their work
  • Individuals who want a change of career, have an interest or background in fitness and sport and would like to teach kids fitness, This can include parents and adults from all working backgrounds.

At the end of the Jymka instructor course you are required to do an end of course evaluation. This consists of a Multiple-Choice-Qs and a few self-assessment videos of you recording yourself teaching some fitness skills and activities to one or more children. 

This evaluation is so we as a training provider can ascertain that each individual has learnt all required with the confidence to teach kids fitness skills. It also allows us to attain and maintain the high coaching standards of all our certified instructors.

The Jymka instructor Course gives you a Kids fitness instructor certificate that you can use to get work at home or abroad in schools and preschools teaching kids fitness classes.

This course is particularly popular with school teachers, childcare workers and fitness instructors as it gives them an international CPD Certificate with 40 CPT points so they can increase their knowledge and earning potential.

Yes you will need to purchase a selection of sports equipment to use to deliver your classes. We provide you with a suggested list as part of the training.
When you book onto the Jymka Course Bundle Offer and successfully complete and become a Jymka kids fitness instructor::
  • You will get a 2 year Jymka license dated from when you booked the course with the right to use the Jymka brand name, logo, marketing templates and class plan templates for your own business.
  • There is no monthly license fees or other franchise type fees charged for the Jymka license, you only pay for your training
  • There is no territory restriction or country restriction, as a Jymka licensed instructor you can run your Jymka class business globally in schools, pre-schools, gyms etc.
    There is a first served policy whereby if a Jymka instructor licensee already has Jymka classes running in a school or gym local to you then it is off limits.
  • Every 2 years all Jymka certified instructors must complete the Jymka online Kids Fitness instructor refresher course to be re-certified. Jymka licenses are automatically renewed for another 2 years in tandem of re-certifying as a Jymka instructor with no additional Licensee fee cost.
  • Only in-date Jymka certified instructors can hold a Jymka license permitted to use the brand name etc.
  • Certified instructors can hire one helper to assist them teach their classes for safety purposes. Training on how to hire, train and manage your ‘a hired helper’ is covered in the Jymka ‘Run a Kids business course’.
The Jymka Course Bundle suits and is popular with:
  • Individuals who are entrepreneurial and want to make an income full or part time running their own mobile kids fitness business
  • Existing preschools, dance  and drama schools etc who want to earn extra money for their business teaching kids fitness classes, camps and parties. NB We offer customised multiple users Course Bundle, for more information email your enquiry to us at [email protected]
  • Primary teachers or sports coaches who want to earn extra cash running their own kids fitness after-school classes, camps and parties.

The Course Bundle gives you excellent earning potential. You can run your own profitable low cost service Jymka kids fitness business. As a Jymka instructor and licensee using the Jymka brand name, logo and marketing templates you can travel to a variety of local schools, preschools, gyms run your kids fitness classes.

Your classes can be delivered to the various age groups during the school day or as an extra curricular activity after school. You can charge parents per child per class building on class numbers to make each class more profitable or charge the school or pre-school per class. To maximise your earning potential you can also run Jymka kids camps during school holidays and Jymka kids parties all year round.

The Course duration, the time it takes to do the:

  • Jymka Kids Fitness Instructor course: Approx. 40 hours. However you will require additional time to do the end of course evaluation.
  • Jymka course Bundle: An initial 40 hours to do the Jymka instructor course plus and 5 hours on average for each additional course.

The duration of the Jymka instructor certificate & Jymka License (for those that do the Course Bundle) is 2 years from the date of enrolment and within this time you are required to complete the course(s) and become a Jymka certified Instructor. You will have full access to all the course(s) content to revise as you wish and for Jymka licenses you will have full use of the Jymka brand name and logo during these 2 years

Yes, all Jymka Instructor Certified Instructors and Jymka Licensees are 2 years in duration from the time you book on to the course. To recertify as a Jymka Kids fitness instructor and retain your Jymka License you must do the Jymka Refresher course before your Jymka certificate expires.

The Jymka Refresher Course includes a multiple choice questionnaire which you must pass to recertify however you do not have to do any assessment videos.

On successful completion of the refresher Course you are given a new Jymka Certificate dated for a further 2 years. You will retain access to the Jymka instructors course content and if you are also a Jymka licensees you will retain access to all the courses contents and your license to use the Jymka brand name and logo for these 2 years


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