Why it's so important for kids to learn sports and fitness skills by a qualified instructor?

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2019

With the decreasing physical fitness of children nowadays, many parents are understandably concerned about their children’s physical health. A recent study shows that children are simply not getting the required exercise required for their physical and mental health and in addition, children from as young as 2 to 12 and teenagers 30% do not get enough exercise and 15% obese. And so, it won’t come as a shock to understand why parents and educators are always on the lookout for a good kids’ fitness and sports coach.

What should a good kids’ fitness & sports coach / instructor teach?

Kids fitness and sport fitness Coaches should strive to help children develop self discipline, leadership skills, a sense of teamwork, and confidence. The relationship between a child and their coach should be supportive and encouraging so that each child can develop a positive attitude and love of sports and or staying active. A qualified kids fitness coach teaching fitness classes throughout the year will provide strategy, structure, and direction to the kids so they can learn basic movement skills and a love of staying active. It imperative for children to develop the basic fitness and movement skills required to make lifelong habits of keeping active.

When is the right time to send your child to a fitness coach?

In this digital age, it can be difficult to lure children out to participate in any kind of physical activity, when they have a mobile phone with them at all times or are used to playing on computer games for hours on end. If your child is self-conscious about playing sports or even trying new sport activities, sending him/her to a good kids fitness coach will definitely boost their self-confidence. Regular encouragement and the constant support of a good kids fitness coach within a fun fitness and sports class environment will create a positive environment which will help your child feel motivated.

How can you decide which fitness coach will be best for your child?

Irrespective of the sport or fitness class being offered, the instructor who delivers it should be qualified to teach kids. Adult fitness coaches should never be the preferred option or a substitute to a qualified kids fitness coach or instructor. A kids fitness instructor coach should have the expertise to teach sequential fitness and sports skills safely relevant to the ages of the kids. Here are a few things you should look for in a kids’ fitness coach:

  • The fitness coach must be certified to teach kids fitness
  • They must be patient with children and able to manage a class in addition to explaining to the kids that the process of learning sports skills must be practised regularly and takes time to master.
  • An ideal fitness coach conducts training sessions that are fun and is always enthusiastic and encouraging with the kids
  • The fitness coach must be able to plan the activity schedule (skills to be learnt within the class) relevant to the kids ages while incorporating them with other fun games etc.


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